• lycra anti uv F2M femme made in France femme bleu

    I am Coralie, passionate from my first bubbles until making it my job for 7 years in Asia.

  • Amazed by the beauty of the seabed, I became aware of their fragility and wanted to get involved.

  • I created F2M to offer a sustainable alternative to sunscreens, which are harmful to marine life.

  • Hawaii, Palau and now Thailand have banned their use to protect their coral reefs.

  • Are you shocked? Or is it one more image reminding us of what we all already know? Re-Act!!!

  • Solutions exist thanks to many NGOs: here divers collect ghost fishing nets.

  • These nets and other waste are then regenerated into ECONYL ® yarn used to make the fabric of F2M rashguards.

  • Also committed to supporting French know-how, all F2M rashguards are created AND manufactured in France!

  • Sun protection is maximum: UPF50+ without chemical additives. You will not leave tracks in the water!

  • Committed to marine life, F2M donates 1% of its turnover for planting corals.