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This is the ultraviolet protection factor (from the English Ultraviolet Protection Factor).

The textile industry uses it as a standard to determine the level of sun protection of a garment's fabric, rated from 15 to 50+.

Our UPF 50+ rashguards have the maximum UV protection , i.e. 98% of the sun's rays are blocked, even when wet.

This protection is obtained without chemical treatment , thanks to the very tight mesh of the micro fibers. It is therefore permanent and will remain wash after wash.

Here are some arguments for sunscreen versus F2M lycras:

diffuses its chemical components in the water / without toxic products

effective if applied ½ hour before exposure / effective as soon as worn

protection guaranteed if applied regularly / lycra worn = unlimited protection

single use / durable and reusable

plastic tube container / made from recycled fishing nets

the sand sticks / nothing sticks and you are even protected from rubbing

In the long term, the sun protection provided by lycras is the most economical and the most ecological.

Here are 4 good reasons to fall for an F2M rashguards :

- it is certified UPF50+, maximum sun protection , without any chemical additives - without imprint on marine life

- it is made in France - short circuits

- it is made of recycled fishing nets and nylons - circular economy

- it is extra resistant to chlorine and salt water and maintains its shape - top of the range

“If I put on my T-shirt, don't I need an anti-UV top? »

Your dry t-shirt will block UV rays up to 80% and once wet only 65%, while F2M lycras protect you from 98% of UVA and UVB dry or wet.

They are all UPF50+ certified , the maximum sun protection.

Do you want to make a useful, durable and made in France gift? You are in the right place !

Two possibilities :

- you order the article by indicating the address where it must be delivered. You tell us "this is a gift" with the personalized word you want to add. Your gift will be wrapped and the word added at no additional cost.

- you offer a gift voucher to the person of your choice. It is valid for one year on the whole site. Amounts of your choice available from 40 euros. Send an email specifying the amount and the name of the person to whom you wish to offer it to

You are a consumer so you can participate in sustainability by choosing what you buy.

And any purchase on the F2M store is sustainable because:

- you limit the use of sunscreen, which is harmful to the seabed due to its chemical components and its plastic packaging

- you contribute to maintaining French jobs

- you make it possible to recycle more and more abandoned fishing nets!

- you participate in the adoption of corals

Want to do more? Prefer hand washing and air drying. If you need to do a machine, it's 30°C maximum.

You hesitate between two colors? Do you want to equip a loved one with reusable sun protection made in France?

F2M offers you 10% on the second ordered item of your choice. OSER code

And of course your loyalty is rewarded: get a 10% reduction voucher from your 2nd order. Code THANK YOU.

Your F2M lycra has been designed to last , but if it reaches the end of its life one day, don't throw it in the trash! It can be reused by being upcycled as an accessory.

Send an email to F2M at specifying your surname, first name and postal address. F2M will then send you a pre-stamped envelope for the return of your lycra and upon receipt you will receive a gift voucher to be used on the site worth 15 euros!

Yes, customization is possible and special rates for professionals are available on request. Please send an email to